Furniture / Accessories Design

I am a details focused, industrial designer that sees the value in simplistic/function led products.  Below are examples of accessories and furniture designed, constructed and photographed by myself for various personal and commissioned projects. 

Industrial Design.

The most important part of the design process for me in the creation of ideas.  It is vital that these concepts are grounded in practicality and well rounded logic.  I believe it is only common sense that all physical products are built to stand the test of time - apposed to momentary trends.

Because of this, I place a lot of time and consideration into the ideation process.  I personally enjoy freehand sketching in the beginning.  The process then moves to sketch models, followed by detailing the final CAD design and realising the final form through visualisation.

The first example below is an experimental project in which I explored the idea of a personal heart rate monitor, where you can hear your heart beat.  The idea is to help become more connected to the interior workings of your body and perhaps create a calming/meditative effect.


Swell is a conceptual project that explores the idea of a physical product having visual and physical feedback of digital information.  For instance, imagine if your inbox became so full your phone began to physically "swell" in size.  Would you be feel more motivated to keep a tidy inbox?

The project was then developed into a physical smart phone - as realised in Rhino and visualised in KeyShot.

VERK - Razor.

A project for design agency VERK.  I was asked to research and develop a new minimal/feminine direction for a new personal hygiene range.

The process started with investigating trends on the market, followed by sketching and final foam sketch models that would later be 3D scanned.