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Brand Guidelines


Poq approached me to suggest a new direction for their dated and il-representative existing website and branding.  I developed a new modern and clean identity, as well as newly structured website to help explain their purpose and goal as a company.  The newly designed logo, has been stripped to the bare minimum.  It feels fresher, and more approachable.

Branding Identity 

E.M.B.O.D.Y Barre

Barre studio E.M.B.O.D.Y Barre, based in Invercargill New Zealand required a whole new branding and identity.  We decided to have a little fun with the fonts, colours and graphics - helping to capture the inclusive and energetic feeling that founder Lisa naturally exuded.  Freehand illustrations based on postures pulled straight from the barre classes add an authenticity and uniqueness to the branding.

Branding Identity 

Client: Rosendal Trängård

Rebranding and identity for Rosendal Trängård - A Garden in Stockholm showcasing biodynamic cultivation of vegetables, fruit & flowers, with a greenhouse cafe.  We wanted the branding to be a transparent representation of this environmentally conscious initiative - while keeping a clean and progressive aesthetic.

Photography of the garden and plants helped ground and inform the colour palette, and style of the overall branding.  Specific elements were focused on in the form of freehand graphic illustrations that reinforce the minimalist and calming feel.